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    Antonio Gonzales Paucar (b. 1973, Huancayo, Peru, based Berlin) - Zapatos Que Rompen El Silencio (Shoes That Break The Silence) , 2009     Installations: 1,000+ Dead Flies, Nylon String, Pair of Shoes

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    忍者女子高生 | 制服で大回転 | japanese school girl chase

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    A camel in Kenya being used as a mobile clinic, carrying a solar-powered mini refrigerator loaded with medicines and vaccines. 

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  10. FBI photo-redaction is surprisingly artistic


    When you use the Freedom of Information Act to prise loose a document from the FBI, they are prone to liberal redactions; the results are surprisingly artistic, especially when it comes to photos and other graphics.

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  12. Google’s badass “Security Princess” profiled


    Parisa Tabriz 's title at Google is “Security Princess” — meaning that she runs the adversarial internal team tasked with continuously testing and probing Google's security to find flaws before the enemy does.

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    Czech Infantry

    Czech Infantry with their CZ 805’s practice infantry movements through an abandoned field.

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    Country Recess Children’s Whiskey… Since 1889

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