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    A B-1B Lancer is tested in subzero conditions at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory, 1986

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    Tattoo by Jay Joree at Last Angels in Dallas Texas

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    French Resistance Fighter, circa 1944.

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    Shades of Swagger # 86 | Undercover, Man in Niger. Photo by Georg Gerster for National Geographic, 1979

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  8. It’s all done! You’re welcome. Go kick back, cook a burger over a propane grill, twerk, do whatever. You’ve earned it, I tell ya h’wut.

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    Armando Bravo

    200   170 usd :)


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  10. January Jones photographed by Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia, August 2014 

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    Medieval and Renaissance Sea Monsters from Maps

    A visually stunning new book, Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps, covers a topic of history, that until now, has not been published in a comprehensive collection. The book’s author Chet Van Duzer, a Medieval and Renaissance map scholar, joined forces with the British Library, who published the book. The book’s jacket liner bests explains its content:

    "The sea monsters on medieval and Renaissance maps are one of the most visually engaging elements, and yet they have never before been carefully studied. The subject is important not only in the history of cartography, art, and zoological illustration, but also in the history of the geography of the marvelous and of Western conceptions of the ocean. Moreover, the sea monsters depicted on maps can supply important insights into the sources, influences, and methods of the cartographers who drew or painted them."
    {Book jacket liner notes 2013 ©The British Library}

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    Nicolai Howalt - More from the series Car Crash Studies (2009)

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    Beautiful black and white photo set collection of the legendary Mexican singer and actress Chavela Vargas (April 17, 1919 – August 5, 2012). Chavela was known for her haunting voice and stood out as one of the first openly lesbian Latin American artists of her time.

    Chavela era Costa Riqueña, por favor. Era cantante de música ranchera Mexicana, pero muy orgullosa de ser de Costa Rica nacida en San Joaquín de Las Flores. Obtuvo nacionalidad Mexicana pero nunca dejo de amar de ser de su hermosa Costa Rica.

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